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Enabling Better Vision

80 Million

80 million people in the world suffer from glaucoma, an eye disease that can lead to blindness. Patients are required to consistently administer eyedrops for life to slow the progression of the disease.


Treatment compliance of eyedrop administration can be as low as 40%, where many patients cited administration inconvenience and side effects being the barriers. 

No Data

Clinicians currently have no patient compliance data to support their medical decisions in how to better treatment for their patients. 

What We Do

Easy. Accurate. Better Vision.

With the goal of improving compliance of administration of eyedrops for people with glaucoma, Vysum is adopting a customer-centric, iterative approach to develop a reusable handheld device that delivers eyedrops easily and accurately, whilst providing clinicians with objective compliance data for better clinical decisions. 

'I urge you all to come along for the journey and follow Vysum as they pave the way towards better healthcare for all.'

Stephen Ho and Tracy Ho - Donors of Vysum Pre-Seed Fund

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